CHIBINDA ILUNGA statue, CHOKWE, Angola, ca 1980

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The "Chokwe Chibinda Ilunga" statue is a statue that represents the legendary figure Chibinda Ilunga in the history and folklore of the Chokwe people. Chibinda Ilunga is revered as a heroic ancestor and a symbol of wisdom, leadership and cultural identity among the Chokwe.

The statue can be found in various contexts, such as in museums, cultural centers or public spaces within regions inhabited by the Chokwe people. These statues serve not only as artistic expressions, but also as cultural artifacts that reinforce Chokwe identity and heritage.

Chibinda Ilunga is often depicted as a dignified and powerful figure, sometimes wearing symbols of authority or wisdom. The story of Chibinda Ilunga is often passed down orally, and the details may vary depending on the storyteller and regional variations. However, he is generally regarded as an important figure in Chokwe history and culture, embodying important values and ideals for the community.

This is a very fine example, quite large in size and delicately carved. The dignitary holds a staff in his left hand and a rifle in his right. It is therefore a statue with a colonial influence, a so-called colon statue. Very expressive statue with strikingly large hands and feet. The figure sits on an elephant, symbol of royalty. The headdress is impressive. See the pictures.

Length: 46.5 cm
Width: 17 cm
Depth: 17 cm
Weight: 2440 grams
Origin: Angola
Date: ca 1980

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