Jhakri/shaman ghurra, Nepal, 1st half 20th century

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In the endless variety of ghurras, churning stick conductors, this one is also rare and very striking! Two shaman figures with two yaks below that merge into the guiding part decorated with geometric patterns. A budding lotus flower also appears to be visible. Beautiful patina, appropriate for use and age. Miniscule chip on the back, visible in the photo. This one also sharply priced! Includes custom stand!

Length: 26 cm
Weight: 208 grams, including stand 365 grams
Origin: Western Nepal
Date: 1st half 20th century
Provenance: Obtained from own network in situ

Some more information:

Nepalese wooden churning stick conductors have deep symbolic meaning in Nepali culture and are often regarded as sacred objects. Here are some of the symbolic meanings attributed to these churning sticks:

1. Purity: The process of churning milk and making butter is considered a ritual of purification and purification of the milk. The churning stick conductors symbolize this purity and are therefore often used in religious and spiritual ceremonies.

2. Energy: The movement of the churning stick in the bowl to churn the milk is seen as an expression of life energy and vitality. The churning stick therefore symbolizes strength and energy.

3. Connection: Using a wooden churning stick conductor to make butter requires attention and accuracy. The process connects the user to the natural world and symbolizes the connection between humans and nature.

4. Spirituality: Wooden churning stick conductors are often decorated with symbols that have a deeper spiritual meaning, such as the lotus flower, which represents purity and spiritual growth.

5. Craft and Craftsmanship: The churning stick conductor is a symbol of craft and craftsmanship and is still handcrafted by talented woodworkers in Nepal. Using the churning stick conductors is a way of preserving and honoring these traditional crafts.

In general, the wooden churning stick conductors in Nepali culture is a symbol of purity, energy, connection, spirituality, and craft and craftsmanship.

Nepalese wooden churning stick conductors often depict traditional symbols and patterns that have a deeper meaning in Nepali culture. Here are some of the most common symbols depicted on these churning sticks:

1. Lotus Flower: The lotus flower represents purity and spiritual growth.

2. Sun and Moon: The sun and moon symbolize the masculine and feminine principle and complementary forces of the universe.

3. Elephants: Elephants are powerful and majestic animals often associated with strength and prosperity.

4. Birds: Birds symbolize freedom, courage and spirituality.

5. Himalayan Mountains: The Himalayan mountains are an important symbol of Nepal and are often depicted on churning stick conductors to emphasize the connection to the land and culture.

6. Stream of the River: The stream of the river symbolizes the flow of life and is often depicted on churning stick conductors to emphasize the connection with nature.

7. Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns are often used as decorative elements on Nepalese wooden churning stick conductors and often have symbolic meaning related to spirituality and cosmology.

In general, the symbols on Nepalese wooden churning stick conductors are a reflection of Nepal's rich cultural traditions and spiritual beliefs.

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