Very large tribal statue of the ISHA tribe, Nigeria, 1970-80

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Rare and large tribal statue of the ISHA people from southwest Nigeria. Striking and unusual in form and effect and full of symbolism.

Length: 98 cm!!
Weight: 15.2 kilograms.
Origin: South West Nigeria
Date: 1970-80
Provenance: obtained in situ by Peter Beaujean

NB!! When picking up in Zeeuws Vlaanderen ... € 25 discount!!

Some more info on the Isha below…

The Isha tribe is one of the many ethnic groups living in Nigeria. They mainly live in southwestern Nigeria, in the state of Ondo. The Isha tribe is part of the Yoruba group, which is one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The Isha tribe has its own language, the Isha dialect, which is a variant of the Yoruba language. The Isha people have a rich cultural history and traditions. Their traditional religion includes belief in a supreme being called Olodumare, as well as many other gods and spirits associated with various aspects of daily life.

The Isha tribe is known for their artistic skills and their unique style of carving and weaving. They also make traditional musical instruments, such as the bata drums, which are used in religious ceremonies and other festive occasions.

Economically, the Isha people are primarily agricultural, cultivating crops such as yam, cassava, maize, and beans. They are also known for their skills in fishing and the production of palm oil and other crops.

Like many other ethnic groups in Nigeria, the Isha people have faced challenges such as poverty, poor healthcare and education, and political instability. Despite this, the Isha people are proud of their heritage and continue to maintain their traditional culture and ways of life.

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