Very old, intensively used SONGYE statue, DR Congo, ca 1900

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Crudely carved statuette, stylistically correct and full of symbolism. On top of two charges .. one in the head and one in the quill of a porcupine that sticks in the top of the head. A charge in the form of an elephant hair is also visible in one ear. A feather of a tropical bird hangs on a cord around the neck. On the belly a copper forged nail. These kinds of details were applied on a person-centred basis; a very personal statue. Around the hip hangs a strip of copper that must have been bent by hand and symbolizes the connection with the earth. The black , dark on the statue refers to the spirit world, the spike on top, white in color, to death. A skirt of snakeskin around the hip. In symbolism, the snake can move between 2 worlds, namely the earthly and the spirit world. On the back of the statue, we see a strongly pronounced spine that indicates that the person using the statue is strong in life and can handle anything that comes their way. A modest chip is visible on the chin, which has been there for a long time given the patina.

Authentic, intensively used and now 120 years old or possibly even older. The statue is placed loose on a beautiful teak block support and then stained and is of course included.

Length: approx. 22 cm, including block support approx. 29 cm
Weight: 143 grams, including block support 426 grams
Origin: DR Congo
Date: approx. 1900 !!
Provenance: Obtained from the collection of a colonial family from Dinant, Belgium

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