GREAT! Old, bronze IFE Jar, region Benin City, Nigeria, approx. 1950

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GREAT! Qualitatively prestigious object, this jar, created by means of cire perdue (the method of lost wax). During the moulding process, the mould is lost, which makes this piece completely unique! A unicat. Great detail and depth, made by a craftsman and decorated with diverse animals such as a turtle, snail, snake, lizard. Figuratively many decorations such as dots and links. The handles in the shape of a snake, symbolizing harmony. The jar is a 'lucky jar', though it could also be used to store precious jewellery. The peacefulness of the object is exemplified by the lack of weapons. Brilliant patina of use and aging, and it is mounted on a stand.

Height: 18 cm, 20.3 cm stand included
Circumference at the height of the head of the snake: 48.5 cm
Weight: 2505 grams
Origin: Region Benin City, Nigeria
Provenance: Obtained in situ by Peter Beaujean, ex-gallery Tounkara, Rotterdam

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