Terra cotta ORI OLOKUN head with beads, IFE, Nigeria, 21st century

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From the 12th to the 15th centuries, Ife flourished as a powerful, cosmopolitan and wealthy city-state in West Africa, in what is now modern Nigeria. It was an influential trading center linked to extensive local and long-distance trade networks that enabled the region to flourish.
The artists of Ife developed a refined and highly naturalistic sculptural tradition in stone, terracotta, copper and copper and created a style that was different from Africa at the time. One striking object was the Ori Olokun head, an iconic object.
According to the Yoruba myth, Ife was the center of the creation of the world and all mankind. Ife was home to many sacred sites in the forests of the city. Two spots in particular have revealed numerous sculptures: the Ore Forest with its stone monoliths, human and animal figures, and the Iwinrin Grove associated with terracotta heads and fragments of life-size figures.

This is a reproduction of an Ori Olokun head, head of a ruler of the Ife. The base is terra cotta covered with many tiny beads in various colors. This one is smaller than the one I posted earlier. Beautiful decorative object in good condition! Please take a good look at the photos to see the good condition and the size!

Height: 13 cm
Circumference at the height of the mouth: approx. 22 cm
Weight: 422 grams
Origin: Region of Benin City, Nigeria
Date: 21st century

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