Terra Cotta BURA column, BABUR BURA people, Niger, age unknown

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History has it that at a point in time there was an exodus of people from Yemen in the Middle East to the Nile valley. And as at A.D.600, these people had not only dispersed, a good number of them had also reached the Sudan and Sahara.

Interestingly, the ancestors of Babur Bura together with other tribes like Luguda are believed to be among those who migrated from Yemen via Sudan through the Chad Basin [Kanem of Borno region] to the present Babur Bura land in Borno and Adamawa state.

Source: pulse.ng

Columns like these were found while ploughing the land. They were often filled with remnants of natural fibres, clothing... Its function is unclear.

Look carefully at the photos to see the state of this piece. Fine, decorative object!

Height: 30 cm
Circumference below: approx. 55 cm
Weight: 1880 grams
Origin: Niger
Date: Unknown
Provenance: ex-gallery Tounkara, Rotterdam, ex-Peter Beaujean



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