Authentic, old, white voodoo altar statue, FON, Benin, approx. 1950

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Authentic, old, tribal hermaphrodite altar statue of the FON tribe from Benin. This altar statue is used during many white voodoo rituals. It has stood on an altar, and fulfilled the role of protection, fertility, asking for a good harvest, etc. The peacefulness is underlined by its white colour, of which the remnants are still visible. An equally powerful and serene statue with a striking "helmet". The arms are slender and reasonably short, bent somewhat inwards, with the hand palms also aimed inwards, representing a praying position. The legs are firm and nearly straight, with crudely shaped feet. The helmet reminds of the IBO tribe, because of stylistic similarities. It is a hermaphrodite statue, with mentioned traces of use and aging, as well as a shrinking crack, as is visible on multiple photos. Overall, the statue is in a decent to good condition. The statue is mounted on a stand.

Height: 49 cm (52 cm stand included)
Weight: 1150 grams
Origin: Benin
Date: approx. 1950
Provenance: ex-Peter Beaujean, ex-gallery Tounkara, Rotterdam

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