Unique and old iron statue (fer noir), DOGON, Mali, approx. 1960

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The Dogon is a tribe from Mali, in Western Africa. Their entire population in Mali estimated to be around 700 000 people. They live in an area which is called "Dogon land". This area runs from the Bandiagara-cliff to the Niger delta in the southwest. Some Dogon settled in Northern Burkina Faso, others in Ivory Coast.

This "fer noir", iron statue is a unique piece made of hand-moulded iron and it has its own identity, characterised by its super-slender style. Corrosion is visible due to use and aging. This unique piece can stand on its own, and it is in an overall good condition, taking into account mentioned traces and corrosion.

Length: 40 cm
Weight: 544 grams
Origin: Mali
Date: approx. 1960
Provenance: Sourouema Alimata

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