Old fetish protection statue, EWE tribe, Togo, mid-20th century

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A lovely, "free and messy" statue, this fetish protection statue of the EWE tribe, intensively used as altar statue during white voodoo rituals aimed at fertility, harmony in the community, successful harvest, against witchcraft, etc. Residues of substances used in rituals are visible all over the statue; dried chicken blood, clay, chicken feathers, resin...
Furthermore, it is also a stylistically strong feminine statue. The figure is looking forward, carried by a fat neck in two layers. The body is standing straight, hand tightly along the body, with remarkably large hands. The feet are quite plump and big, with carved toes. Around the waist, it has a piece of clothing, made of strings of cloth. The statue is neatly mounted on a stand.

Height: 34 cm (37 cm stand included)
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 7 cm
Weight: 540 grams
Origin: Togo
Date: Mid-20th century
Provenance: ex-collection Peter Beaujean (ex-gallery Tounkara, Rotterdam)

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