Authentic, old altar statue, EWE tribe, Togo, approx. 1950

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Authentic, old and tribally used object, this altar statue of the EWE tribe from Togo. It has fulfilled its role as altar statue during many white voodoo rituals, aimed at combatting witchcraft and asking for protection, fertility, successful harvest, etc. The test of time and use have left clear traces on the object. The face is somewhat flattened and the statue is full of residues of substances used during rituals. The blue remainders of pigment, found e.g. at the feet and an arm symbolise magic. The statue is standing for itself, though it is not stable. I have not had it secured onto a stand since there are traces of ritual use at the bottom of the feet. I have left it in the state in which I retrieved it from a French private collection of the deceased Serge Vermue.

Height: 19 cm
Width: 8 cm
Weight: 140 grams
Origin: Togo
Date: Mid-20th century
Provenance: From the private collection of the deceased Serge Vermue

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